Structural factors influencing conservation decision-making: new journal article

Our paper, on structural factors influencing conservation decision-making, led by Dr Milena Kim, has just been published online. It It uses the prioritisation method “Back on Track” – adopted by the Queensland State Government, Australia – as a case study to investigate the policy instruments employed to promote its uptake, and the structural factors affecting such uptake.  We underscore several structural factors limiting the use of this method. These include fragmentation of policies, the relative strength of alternative priorities and centralisation of power in decision-making. We discuss the results in relation to other conservation planning initiatives and suggest how structural barriers can be addressed.

KIM, M.K.; EVANS, L.; FIDELMAN, P.; SCHERL, L.M.; VALENTINE, P.; MARSH, H. 2017. Structural Factors Influencing Conservation Decision-making: A Case of Species Prioritisation in Australia. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management; doi: 10.1080/09640568.2016.1268107
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