(c) Pedro FidelmanMy research focuses, in a broad sense, on policy, institutions and management in the context of sustainability and environmental governance. Its overall goal is to provide information and tools to enable society to respond and adapt to environmental change, and, ultimately, transition towards more sustainable futures.

In this context, I am particularly interested in understanding the role of institutions (e.g.,  regulations, norms, and decision-making processes) in addressing contemporary environmental and sustainability issues (e.g., over-exploitation of natural resources, decline in ecosystem conditions and climate change).

My research draws on the scholarship on environmental management, human geography and political science; established theoretical frameworks; and, strives to use advanced and innovative methods. It is predominantly empirical, drawing on case studies in the context of coastal and marine social-ecological systems, climate change adaptation and natural resources management in Southeast Asia, Australia and Brazil.

Current research interests

  • Adaptation/adaptive capacity to environmental change
  • Multi-level/polycentric governance
  • Applying network approach to policy and institutional analysis